Stranded Motorist Tells All

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NIANTIC - Amber Perkinsen didn't have a survival kit in her car when she left home Wednesday morning. She could have used one as she was stranded with 40 to 50 other vehicles on old route 36 near Niantic.

The road was closed by Macon County authorities because of the cars, trucks, snowplows and semi's that were stuck in the snow. Amber said she left her workplace early to beat the storm and decided to take route 36 to where she lives in Illiopolis.

About ten o'clock that morning she was trapped behind, beside and in front of other vehicles on the highway.

Around 3:15 traffic was moving again and the road opened to traffic close to four p.m.

During the five hours Amber spent behind the wheel of her car she was able to communicate via her cellphone that she had charged. She also had a car charger.

Most fortunate for her, she did have some food that she had in her vehicle from grocery shopping on Tuesday. It wasn't the most nutritious but it was food. She said,"I had bread and apple sauce and candy. I had nothing to drink in my car. I had just cleaned out the bottles from my car the morning before so I had nothing in there." She vows to keep a survival bag with more than bread and apple sauce in her car in case she finds herself in the same situation as Wednesday.

She said this experience is one that she will never forget. "I've got photos and I've got the memories."

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