Chicago State University Announces Potential Layoff Notices


CHICAGO, IL - Chicago State University announced on Friday that all faculty, staff and administrators will receive a notice of potential layoffs in the event that the State of Illinois continues to fail to fund public universities. CSU is one of 12 public universities that have gone eight months with no state funding.

“The actions taken today are necessary to fulfill our legal obligation and to make necessary reductions so that we can continue running the University in the absence of state funds,” CSU President Dr. Thomas Calhoun, Jr. said. “It is our sincere hope that the Governor and legislative leaders will do the right thing and provide funding for public universities before these layoffs would have to be executed.”

Earlier in the month, the Board of Trustees was forced to declare financial exigency due to lack of State funding. Included in that action was the appointment of a Management Action Committee which has been meeting daily in order to determine how to undertake the necessary measures that will ensure the University remains operational in the absence of state funding.

CSU says it relies on state funding for approximately 30% of its overall operating funds. Over the past eight months, the University has engaged in a series of reductions and spent through its reserve funds in order to keep operating. In addition to not receiving State dollars, CSU also covered the costs of MAP grants to eligible students over the past two semesters in hopes that the State would keep their promise and reimburse those funds. With no agreement on a budget and the recent veto of MAP funds by the Governor, the University is forced to consider more drastic measures.

“While the actions we must take today will certainly cause concern, I want to ensure our campus community that we are taking these steps to guarantee that we will be open for summer classes and we are actively recruiting and preparing for the Fall 2016 semester,” Board Chairman Anthony Young said. “Our students are the core of our mission and we are doing everything in our power to continue providing them the world-class education they deserve.”

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