IEMA, NWS providing severe weather preparedness information


SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is partnering with local emergency management agencies and the National Weather Service to help people stay safe during severe weather.

IEMA Director James Joseph says the agency "can help people better understand severe weather hazards and how they can stay safe when storms threaten their area."  According to Joseph, 14 flood-related deaths happened in 2015, the highest number on record according to the NWS.

Among these renewed efforts is an online contest that offers participants the chance to win a weather alert radio.  This contest will be held from February 28 through March 31.  A total of 100 weather alert radios will be awarded during this contest.

These radios can help alert residents to severe weather near them, and can signal that it is time to find shelter during the storms.

Additionally, citizens are encouraged to check out the IEMA's and NWS' Severe Weather Preparedness Guide, where they can find information on various severe weather conditions and suggested actions to take.

To enter the contest, or view the guide, click here.

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