Family relic found through Facebook


When he first got the message through Facebook, David Lee Allen ignored it.

After all, it looked like an advertisement, sent by a man in Nebraska.

“He’s not one of my regular friends, so I didn’t open it up for a while,” David said.

That was in December. Once Christmas was past and the New Year began, David gave it a second glance. He was on the phone with his mother, Joyce. He read her the names in the note.

“As I’m talking with her, I said ‘Mom, are you familiar with these names?’” David remembered. “She said ‘Yes, that’s our family!’ … So I knew we had something.’”

What they had was a century-old Bible that belonged to David’s family generations ago. It was written in Swedish, elaborately illustrated and bound.

The man from Nebraska, Alan Cable, had found the book at an auction. Having researched his own family history, Cable knew how valuable the Bible could be.

“Somebody sent me a photo of my grandparents a few years ago,” Cable remembered in a phone interview. “It was before they were married. It’s like ‘Oh, that’s so neat.’”

Through research, Cable had found the Allens in Illinois. David sent a reply message through Facebook, and before long, a box arrived at his home.

“He really did a very good job at packing it up,” David said. “It was very fun to open up this amazing piece and to realize that my great-grandmother held this very Bible.”

“That that man was so good to go through the trouble to get it to us is just really neat,” Joyce said. “God works in mysterious ways.”

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