Lice Aren't Nice But You Can Kill 'Em For A Price

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Decatur, IL - A new type of drug resistant lice is bugging America. They're called Super lice and the current treatment to rid them is not working.

Twenty five states including Illinois and Missouri have reported cases of Super lice.

Physicians Assistant Colleen Woodington with Crossing Healthcare in Decatur says she's treated several cases of drug resistant lice, but stopped short of calling them Super lice. She also said that just like certain types of bacteria, the lice are becoming super because they're now immune to the normal treatment.

The normal treatment is a dose of an over the counter drug called Pyrethroid. That's not working in most cases.

However, there is a treatment to extinguish the Super lice, but it costs. It's called AirAlle'. It's approved by the Food and Drug Administration and runs about $170.00.

The cure consists of using heated air and dehydrating the lice eggs.

How can you keep from providing a home for these pests?

Don't share hairbrushes or hats and try not to brush up against another persons hair. That's how the lice are transferred to the body.

If you or your child get lice be sure and wash all sheets and blankets in hot water. The same for clothing.

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