Scam circulating claims Warrant is out for Victim’s Arrest

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MACON COUNTY – The Macon County Sheriff’s Office reports a scam is wrongfully telling residents they need to turn themselves in to the Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say a male subject has been calling residents and identifying himself as a deputy from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. He then tells the victim he has a warrant for their arrest and they either need to call him back or turn themselves in to the office.

The phone number shows up on caller ID with (217) 620, followed by various other numbers.

If the subject leaves a voicemail, he says to call him back with an extension to dial.

Macon County authorities say they have not received any calls indicating the subject is requesting money since most of the calls have either been left on a voicemail or the residents have hung up on the subject.

Law enforcement say this is a scam and is not to be believed. The Sheriff’s Office does not randomly call people and tell them they have a warrant.

If anyone has received this call, they are encouraged to call the Macon County Elder Abuse Hotline at (217) 615-7582. If a resident has fallen victim to this scam and sent money to the subject, they should call their local law enforcement agency to file a formal complaint.

A list of other observed scams can be found here.

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