Insults continue to fly ahead of Super Tuesday

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As the clock ticks down to “Super Tuesday,” the insults continue to fly. Republican Marco Rubio continued his barrage of attacks on Donald Trump.

In Virginia, Rubio ridiculed Trump’s status as a reality TV star, saying Trump “doesn’t sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan.”

Trump returned the favor. Speaking to a crowd in Alabama, Trump responded to Rubio’s attacks calling Trump a “con man.”

“You don’t call somebody of achievement that when you’ve done nothing. This guy is a dishonest guy. He’s not cool. He sweats too much. And I don’t want him negotiating for us,” he said.

Despite the aggressive attacks, Trump still leads Rubio in most polls. The latest showed Rubio leading in Minnesota, but nowhere else in the dozen states holding primaries and caucuses on Tuesday.

Trump is leading in Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Vermont, and Alaska. Cruz holds on to leads in Arkansas and Texas. According to Real Clear Politics, Ben Carson leads in Colorado, although the latest poll was taken in November.

Illinois is not part of Super Tuesday. Illinois' primary election will be held March 15.

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