Demonstrations no longer allowed inside Champaign County Courthouse or Sheriff's Office

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CHAMPAIGN – Effective immediately, demonstrations will no longer be allowed inside the Champaign County Courthouse or Champaign County Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Dan Walsh issued the policy via press release this afternoon.

Walsh said the move is necessary in order to “maintain order, integrity, and decorum and in order to allow matters and business to be conducted in an efficient and orderly manner and without disruption, or allow any inappropriate influence.”

Demonstrations are defined as: demonstrating, picketing, marching, rallying, moving in procession, parading, holding of vigils, singing, chanting, shouting; coordinated placement or movement of people which delays the normal ingress, egress, or progress of persons conducting business within either the courthouse or the Sheriff’s office.

The public plaza in front of the courthouse will remain available for demonstrations; however, people are required to remain at least 10 feet away from the front doors and do nothing that would impair or people from entering or exiting the building.

Demonstrators on the plaza will be allowed to carry signs; however, the signs are not allowed to be affixed to courthouse in any way.

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