RCC President Saunders Leaves RCC Legacy


Decatur – Packing boxes in her office Dr. Gayle Saunders ended her 15 year career as President of Richland Community College as she heads into retirement.

Saunders began cementing her legacy at the school the first day on the job in 2001.  She was the first woman president at the Decatur based school.

She oversaw the start of many new programs.  A culinary institute, a workforce development institute and the creation of Progress City now the home of the Farm Progress show every 2 years.  Along with expanding a CDL program for truck drivers.

“We’re able to transform our college programs to align with what our workforce needs are in our communities that we’re serving,” Saunders told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I’m just so grateful to the community that wanted me to serve the best community college, I believe, in the country.”

Saunders and her husband will move to Bloomington to spend more time with family.  She has two grandchildren with three more on the way. 

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