Springfield Mayor Reacts to Supreme Court Decision on Panhandling Ban


Springfield - Mayor Jim Langfelder said that the city of Springfield's ban wasn't meant to be an infringement on a person's right of freedom of speech as decided by the Supreme Court.
The mayor said that the ban was in place to prevent panhandling in the downtown area.

"In downtown, it was getting aggressive in nature where, especially for individuals after dark who might have felt threatened," he said.

Additional moves were originally taken by the city, including a five foot radius of personal space that panhandlers were to abide by.

However, Mayor Langfelder said that since the Supreme Court ruling that rule isn't being enforced right now.

"That's being tested, but it's personal space that becomes an issue.  Some people don't like people coming too close and it just depends on the individual.  Some panhandlers will ask politely, others will get a little more aggressive and might follow you and things of that nature," said Langfelder.

Mayor Langfelder said that the next move is for the city leaders to work with the city's lawyers to see what other options are available.

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