Local Families Welcome Leap Year Babies on Monday


Springfield - February 29th will always be a special day for some families including the Cookson family of Springfield.

That's because Dane and Katherine Cookson welcomed Hannah Claire Cookson into the world Monday morning just after 7:30 A.M.
Coming in at five pounds and fifteen ounces, both baby and mother are doing well.

Her parents said that being born on a leap year day adds to the excitement of their new bundle of joy.

"We're not sure yet if we're going to do it at the end of February or just celebrate one big birthday once every four years, but we'll let her decide," said Dane.

"Every four years, I think she'll have a pretty fun birthday.  It's pretty exciting.  It'll be a big celebration," said Katherine.

Both Dane and Katherine said that they will definitely have two birthdays for Hannah each leap year.

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