Hope and Help for Kincaid Residents

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KINCAID – Thousands of dollars in donations all for relief for families who lost everything in the winter flood.

Monday evening, it was an opportunity for residents of Kincaid to hear what the community leaders have been doing to help in rebuilding homes and lives since many have been going without shelter and supplies. 

Midland Ministerial Association V.P. Jacob Skelton said, "We received donations from area churches and even donations from as far away as Albuquerque, New Mexico. And so far, we have reached $44,614.70 in donations from individuals."

Some of the above amount has already been allocated for materials that residents have been using to rebuild like drywall and insulation. One partnership with Habitat for Humanity, costing $10,000, will help bring the "House in a Box" program to the area. It supplies families with items like furniture to pots and pans all things necessary to fill a home. 

Annette Wilson, whose mother-in-law lost her 48-year-old home, said, "It feels great to know there's hope and we will be able to get there it’s a relief now it’s just a matter of getting there."

There will be continuous update meetings beginning March 29 at 6:30, at Midland United Methodist Church in Kincaid. 

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