Healthy Cooking Series Based by Age at the Macon County U of I Extension Office

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MACON COUNTY – There’s a new cooking series to help you get and stay healthy through the U of I Extension office.

The nutrients your body needs change as you get older, meaning what fuels you at age 20 won't necessarily do the trick at 40. These hands-on cooking classes are tailored to help you meet the unique nutrition needs through the decades. In the series, you'll make recipes, eat a meal and discuss food choices, nutritional challenges and learn how to make each decade count.

The series includes:  Planning for a Strong and Healthy Future: Nutrition During Your 20s and 30sm taking place on March 24; Eating for Your Health, Heart and Brain: Eating for Success Through Your 40s and 50s, on April 14; Staying Young and Fit: Active Meals in Your 60s and Beyond, which is May 19; and Pregnancy and Nutrition: How to Eat Healthy for You and Baby in Mid-July.

These classes take place at the Macon County Extension Office, which is located at 3351 N. President Howard Brown Blvd. in Decatur. The classes are in the evening and cost $15 per class.

You can click here to register.

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