Lawmakers Call for End to Impasse to Save Universities


Springfield - For the last year, you'd be hard pressed to find a time when Democrats and Republicans have agreed on legislation.
However, a Chicago Democrat and a Charleston Republican are finding a common cause.

The future of Chicago State University has Democrat Ken Dunkin concerned.
Just last week the university sent pink slips to every employee, including the university president.
In Charleston, Republican Reggie Phillips is worried the state's impasse will lead to more problems at Eastern Illinois University.
Last month 177 employees received notice of being laid off.
Both of lawmakers agree that this is not a political issue and the time for antics to end is now.

"It's time we crossed the boundaries and let's work together to get emergency funding to these four universities.  We've got to put philosophies aside right now.  Put all of our eggs in one basket or the other basket, we've got to put them all in the same basket and get universities funded," said Phillips.

Dunkin added, "we have to make sure that, one, the bill is called, and number two, that we're able to allow the board of higher education to disseminate those dollars where it should be."

Dunkin also said that he'd like to have the bill called for a vote as soon as possible, however, he said that it's being held up over political games by speaker Michael Madigan.

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