Presidential Candidates Back on Campaign Trail after Super Tuesday

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NATIONAL – Candidates are back on the campaign trail after yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries.

Donald Trump won the majority of delegates for the GOP. Ted Cruz won three states including his home state of Texas. Marco Rubio leaves Super Tuesday with only one win in Minnesota. However, both John Kasich and Ben Carson, did not win any states, and remain in the presidential race.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, delivering an early victory speech.

“What I have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president. It is about making a political revolution,” Sanders said.

Sander’s political revolution was put on hold in the evening, as Hillary Clinton picked up the majority of delegates, winning in seven out of ten states.


Donald Trump: 315 Delegates

Hillary Clinton: 1055 Delegates

Super Tuesday Wins Each: 7

The next batch of primaries is March 5. The Illinois primary is March 15.

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