Carle receives NICU Cameras

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URBANA – A new tool is available for families of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Carle Hospital in Urbana. Secure cameras in the NICU will allow families to check on babies anytime anywhere.

Carle is the first hospital in the state to use the NicView webcam system to help loved ones connect and cope using smartphones, tablets and other technology. 

Secure access from any device is simple for anyone with internet access and parents’ permission. If family and friends log in and don’t see the baby’s tightly framed face, an on-screen message will explain it’s time for an exam, a feeding, a bath or a diaper change.

“Even after having the cameras in place for just about a week, we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback from the families using them,” said NICU nurse supervisor Theresa Green, RN, BSN.

Through the Carle Center for Philanthropy, the Carle Golf Open provided most of the approximately $100,000 needed to purchase 48 cameras for Carle’s Level III NICU. The Core, a group of up-and-coming community leaders who serve as Carle advocates.

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