Donation to Help Senior Citizens

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EFFINGHAM – A $1,000 donation will help keep senior citizens healthy in the Effingham area. 

Land of Lincoln Credit Union donated the money to the Golden Circle Nutrition Program of CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation to help meet goals when delivery meals to  elderly citizens during the week. 

The program’s goal is to keep seniors healthy longer by providing nutritious meals to their doors. However, due to the unfunded state budget, monies to the program have been cut by 40%. This cut means meals have only been delivered 4 days a week. 

“In order to get back up to running five days a week in Effingham for the remainder of their fiscal year(September 30, 2016), we are going to need an additional $18,600.00 to make that happen,” stated Debbie Weber, Program Director of the Golden Circle Nutrition Program.

“We serve 100 meals per day to our clients and they depend on us. Missing that fifth day is a big deal. The daily check on by a caring and loving volunteer is as vital as the meal itself,” she added.

The nutrition program runs with the help of 500 volunteers and serves 5 rural counties including: Christian, Clay, Effingham, Fayette and Montgomery.

Their goal is to raise the total funds as soon as possible so the implementation of the 5th day can begin. 

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