Taylorville Barber College Provides Free Haircuts

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Decatur -  Taylorville Barber College was at Oasis Day Center in Decatur today to provide free haircuts to those who can't afford them themselves. 

"It feels good, better than  I expected" Ray Timbs, a recipient of a haircut remarked. 

Students at Taylorville Barber College were able to fulfill some of the hands on experience they need to graduate, as well as give back to the community. 

Michael Bear, a student at Taylorville Barber college said, "This is also a great outreach to the community, where we can come in and help people who are down on their luck". 

Taylorville Barber College plans on coming back once a month to Oasis Day Center to provide free haircuts to anyone in need. 

They will be back at Oasis Day Center on April 6 at 10 AM.  

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