Illinois state judges rated by Illinois Civil Justice League

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CHICAGO – Do you ever wonder how your state judges rate?

The Illinois Civil Justice League is offering you a tool to help decide how to vote. The group has rated state judges who will be on the ballot during the March 15 primary.

The group gave three judges in St. Clair County the lowest possible rating: “not recommended.” It says they resigned and reapplied to run uncontested so they wouldn’t have to meet the higher threshold for retention.

Most judges were categorized as “highly recommended” or “recommended.”

The Illinois Civil Justice League plans to formally release its findings today. The ratings and the judges’ responses to questionnaires will be on the Illinois Civil Justice League’s website.

The group does not endorse candidates, so in many cases judges running against each other in the Democratic or Republican primaries will have the same rating.

Stay tuned on March 15 for complete coverage of the Illinois Primary election on WAND News. Early voting is already underway.

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