IEMA seeking penalties for lost radioactive well logging source holder

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SPRINGFIELD - In an update to a story WAND brought you in October 2015, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is seeking to impose penalties on Wayne County Well Surveys, Inc. after the company lost a radioactive well logging source holder.

IEMA officials say they seek to impose penalties totaling $25,500 for the misplacement of the device.  Additionally, officials are seeking response cost recovery totaling $52,865.45.

IEMA licenses the possession and use of the holder, which is part of a larger tool used to examine geological formations underground, as well as geothermal exploration.  Wayne County Well Surveys, Inc. notified IEMA that it was unable to locate the device in October 2015, leading to a search in 18 counties in Illinois and Indiana.  The device has not been found as of March 3, 2016.

Officials say anyone who finds the device would not be exposed to radiation, as the container shields the radioactive material housed inside.  The device was last known to be in a company vehicle.

Wayne County Well Surveys can request hearings on the penalty and cost recovery.  We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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