Tax Scams See an Increase this Year

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Illinois- The Internal Revenue Service is warning the public of an increase in tax scams this season. 

The scam that Central Illinois is seeing the most is the Impersonation Phone Scams. This is where a person impersonating an IRS agents calls, claiming back taxes are owed. They claim that if the debt is not payed immediately, they can face arrest, license revocations and other things. 

Another scam that has seen an increase this year, is the e-mail scam. These e-mails are designed to trick the recipient that it is coming from the IRS. The email will claim that something is wrong with the account, and ask for personal information to resolve the issue. 

 "Make sure that you work with legitimate people and that you know these things happen, so you don't just provide any information when asked" said Kristin Clay, a certified public account at Summit Tax & Accounting. 

The IRS will never call or send emails demanding taxes be payed without an opportunity to question or appeal. They will also never require a specific payment method for paying taxes, or ask you to pay over the phone.

If you think you have been contacted by one of these scams, call the IRS immediately at 1-800-366-4484 or send an email to 

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