Thursday's Legislative Session a Repeat of Wednesday


Springfield - There was a sense of deja vu at the state Capitol on Thursday as lawmakers once again voted on funding for MAP grants and funding for higher education.

While Wednesday's vote was an attempt to override the governor's veto on money for MAP grants and community colleges, Thursday's vote would have covered state universities who are struggling as well.
However, the bill's Democrat sponsor also added the request of funding for certain social service agencies to the legislation which set off fireworks between members of the House.

"The only door that was slammed shut was the one your speaker, your leader, did to me two days ago when I went in and said let's cut through the political rhetoric.  Let's get this done.  Let's try and find a way to a solution to this, and instead, I was dismissed," said House minority leader Jim Durkin (R-Burr Ridge).

State representative Scott Drury (D-Highwood) said, "why are you so angry and what are you afraid of?  This is a Democratic bill, $3.7B that may be out of whack.  It's certainly not funded, I agree with that.  But it's something."

Despite the ongoing budget battle, and no plans for fiscal year 2017, lawmakers have dismissed until April.

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