Christian County authorities warning of phone scams

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CHRISTIAN COUNTY - The Christian County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of new phone scams making its way through the area.

According to Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp, the Sheriff's Office has received several reports about a man, who identifies himself as a member of the Sheriff's Office, calling residents and saying that the resident is wanted on an arrest warrant.  The caller then instructs the resident to turn themselves into the Sheriff's Office, or to call him back.  Authorities say there has been no indication that this individual is requesting money at this time.

Additionally, deputies have received several reports of a scam that targets grandparents.  In this scam, grandparents receive calls from people claiming to be their grandkids, who say they have been arrested and need bond money or money for an attorney.

Sheriff Kettelkamp says that both of these calls are scams, and that you should hang up immediately if you receive a call like either of these.  You are also urged to never give out personal information, and never wire any money or obtain money orders.

If you do fall victim to one of these scams, you are asked to call your local law enforcement agency.

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