NICU Cameras Help Families Bond With Babies

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Urbana – Tiny cameras transmitting images of small babies helping families to bond.

Carle Foundation Hospital is the first in the state to use the NicView webcam system in its neonatal intensive care unit, NICU.  The cameras are placed at all 48 bed spaces to allow families to view their babies when they are not in the hospital.  Using the secure system the babies can be viewed on a smart phone, tablet, iPad or other technology.

“We use the camera system all the time and we love it,” said Cassandra Shaffer of Philo who can only spend about five to six hours a day in the NICU with her newborn son.  “Most of the time we see him sleeping in there which is always a comfort to know that he is okay.” 

“We really feel like it’s important for these families to be able to bond with their baby when they can not necessarily be at the bedside,” Carle NICU Nursing Supervisor Theresa Green told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “Any baby that is admitted to the NICU has the ability to be connected to their family.”

The cost of the cameras was nearly $100,000.  Donations for the cameras came from The Core, a group of community leaders and the Carle Center for Philanthropy.

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