Logan County Department of Health Says NARCAN Kits Difference Between Life and Death


Lincoln - Just last week, groups in Logan County were looking for ways to stop the spread of heroin use in the area.
Police, emergency workers, educators and others met in Lincoln.    
On Friday, one local church was helping take another step toward stopping the deadly drug.

The St. John's United Church of Christ is raising money for the local department of health.  With the money, the health department will buy NARCAN kits to try and reverse a heroin overdose.
Those kits can be the difference between life and death according to the health department.

"I see it more as a life and death situation when you bring NARCAN or Naloxone into the equation.  It could reverse the effects that could potentially lead to death.  The faster it's administered the more likely it is to use because there is a point where it won't help," said county department of health educator Emily Hauter.

Renew consignment and thrift store will donate 60% of their sales for the entire month of April to the fundraiser.

A previous fundraiser by the church with Culver's lead to a donation of just over $300.

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