Local Church Aims to Help Fight Heroin Problem in Logan County


Lincoln - Heroin use is on the rise across the country, and in Illinois, even in rural communities.

"I don't think our problem is any different than the state.  It's really a nationwide problem and it's more about the fact that it doesn't just effect one socioeconomic class.  It affects everyone.  There is no discrimination," said Emily Hauter of the Logan county Department of Health.

The department of health is trying to figure out how to best battle this growing problem as well as how to reverse overdoses with NARCAN kits.

"We are trying to come up with a plan that, what is the best solution and education, and where do we need to start?  Does it need to start in the schools or does it need to start with parent education?  There are different fundraisers going on that's a great start," she added.

Some of those efforts to fight that growing problem have started at the St. John's United Church of Christ where battling the heroin epidemic has become their mission.

Fundraising coordinator Tonita Reifsteck said, "it scares the bajeebees out of you.  We don't understand it and we don't understand the outcome of it until see you it and then it's usually too late.  We are also now going to start at Renew, the consignment and thrift shop, is going to give us 60% of the sales of anything we take in in April.  From April 1st through April 30th will go to this fund."

The money raised means overdose kits for the county, and those are kits that could prevent an overdose death as well as a family's tragedy.

"You never know when that knock is going to come on your door and it's got to be a village helping everybody's children," Reifsteck.

The group estimates that each kit costs about $150.

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