Christian County Sheriff warning of Warrant and Grandparents scams

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CHRISTIAN COUNTY – Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp is warning citizens of two scams making their way around the County.

According to Kettelkamp, the Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports from residents saying they have been contacted by a male individual claiming to be a Christian County deputy. The caller identifies himself a deputy then says he has a warrant for the resident’s arrest and that they either need to call him back or turn themselves in to the Sheriff’s Office.

The phone number shows up on caller ID beginning with (217) 620 and followed by various other numbers. If the individual leaves a voicemail, he tells the recipient to call him back with an extension to dial.

Sheriff Kettelkamp says the office has not received any calls indicating the individual is requesting money since most of the calls have been left on voicemail, or residents have hung up on the caller. The Sheriff’s Office will never call people randomly and tell them they have a warrant for their arrest. This same type of scam is occurring in many surrounding countries, including Macon County.

Another scam circulating in Christian County is the Grandparents Scam. This type of scam involves grandparents receiving calls from individuals claiming to be their grandkids. The “grandkids” explain they have been arrested and are in need of bond money or funds to pay an attorney. They then beg the recipient to not tell their parents “for fear of getting into more trouble with their parents.”

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to not believe these calls as they are scams and are not to be believed.

Anyone with receives one of these calls should hang up immediately and never give them any type of personal information and never wire any money to them. If a resident falls victim to one of these scams, they are encouraged to report it to their local law enforcement.

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