Snyder pleads guilty to Robbery, Murder Trial To Begin Soon


URBANA-23 year old Kelton Snyder plead guilty to 3 counts related to the April 3, 2015 robbery of the S. Baltimore Circle K, this afternoon at the Federal Court in Urbana.

During the hearing Attorney Elisabeth Pollock sat next to the defendant as he entered into his pleas of brandishing a firearm, possessing a firearm as a felon, and committing a Hobb’s Act robbery.

Snyder admitted to stealing $700.00 from the stores register along with several bottles of liquor.

The added component in this case, was the getaway driver, 19 year old Paige Mars who was killed just days after the robbery was committed. Both Snyder and Matthew Vogt have been charged with her murder.

The sentencing for Snyder's guilty plea today will be extended until after the April 5 trial that will begin where Snyder is charged with “conspiracy to commit murder.”

Vogt is being tried by the Macon County court and his pre-trial will begin April 14th.

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