Decatur Man arrested for October Fairview Apartment burglary

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DECATUR – Decatur Police Officers arrested a 40-year-old Decatur man after his blood matched samples found at an October apartment burglary.

Officers made a warrantless arrest of Jerry Phillips at 333 South Franklin on March 4 after evidence linked him to the burglary of an apartment building in October.

The burglary happened October 22, 2015, at around 3:30 in the morning. Decatur officers were sent to 1740 South Fairview #8 in Decatur in reference to a possible burglary in progress. They arrived to find the exterior window to apartment #8 broken in order for an unknown individual to gain entry to the residence. Authorities then found blood on the window, window frame and interior of the apartment.

Officers checked the front door and found it to be unlocked. They then conducted a sweep of the apartment and found more droplets of the suspected blood from the broken window leading into the apartment and to the door.

The manager of the apartment buildings told officers a 32 inch Samsung TV, valued at $300, had been stolen from apartment #8. While it was not occupied at the time, the manager did say it was furnished in case they had an extended stay visitor in town.

DNA swabs of the blood were sent to the Illinois State Police Crime Laboratory. Results came back March 3, 2016, associating the blood with the DNA profile of Jerry Phillips.

The manager was contacted and told investigators that Phillips would have no reason to enter, or remain within, 1740 South Fairview #8. He was arrested the next day.

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