Fight for presidential nominations far from over

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Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton continued to inch toward the nominations while Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders notched important wins Tuesday night. But the fight for the nomination is far from over on either side.

Trump, who continues to lead the Republicans with 458 delegates, scored primary victories in Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii. Ted Cruz won Idaho, giving him 359 delegates. It was a disappointing night for Marco Rubio, who failed to win any states.

Rubio remains optimistic.

I don’t think anyone has a clear path to 1237 delegates,” he said. “This ride has got a few more tricks and turns.” Rubio said it comes down his home state. “I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida primary next Tuesday will be the nominee of the Republican Party,” he said.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders notched an important victory in Michigan while Hillary Clinton won Mississippi. Clinton now has 1,221 delegates to Sanders’ 571.

March 15 will prove to be a very important day for both parties, as five states will host primaries: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. Florida is the biggest prize. 99 delegates are at stake.

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