Foodies Get First Look at Springfield's Chick-Fil-A Wednesday


Springfield - It was a highly anticipated unveiling for the capital city on Wednesday as fans of Chick-Fil-A began lining up for Thursday's grand opening.

Many of those who camped out were competing to win free food for a year while others were waiting to be the first through the doors Thursday morning.
Construction began last year, and for many of the Chick-Fil-A fans Thursday's opening will have been worth the wait.

"For me it means a lot of free food and with the gift card that comes afterward I get 52 free meals, number one meals, so that's $600 worth right there, so it works out pretty well.  We got our tents set up, me and my family, so we're ready to go.  We're roughing it with two queen air mattresses," said Colton McDaniel.
While the customers waited they also packaged 2,000 meals for "Feeding Children Everywhere," which will stay in the Springfield area.

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