Free NOAA Weather Radio Programming Events


Tayorville/Decatur- Weather Ready Central Illinois is a campaign by WAND to help get you prepared. A NOAA Weather radio is the most important tool to help keep you ahead of severe weather. WAND has partnered with Midland Radio Corporation, along with Walgreens and Schnucks stores in providing weather radios at a discounted price. 

WAND-TV Chief Meteorologist JC Fultz will be at the Taylorville Walgreens today, Thursday, March 10th from 3:30 pm until 6:30 pm programming NOAA Weather Radios. If you can't make it to Taylorville, the Macon County Emergency Management Agency will be at the South Shores Walgreens in Decatur from 3:30 pm until 6:30 pm programming radios for free. 

Weather Ready Central Illinois is brought to you by Hogan Grain and Equipment. 

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