I-TEAM: IEPA To Step Up Monitoring Of Clinton Landfill


Springfield – Enhanced monitoring of landfills sitting over the Mahomet Aquifer will be carried out by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) according to State Senator Chapin Rose.

“The Mahomet Aquifer is an invaluable resource for hundreds of thousands of people,” Rose tells WAND I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.  “Last year we saw a lot of success on the state and federal fronts in terms of safeguarding our water supply, but we can always to more.”

The Mahomet Aquifer is the source of drinking water for 500,000 people in Central Illinois.

Among the landfills impacted are the Clinton Landfill, Indian Creek Landfill in Hopedale and the ADS/McLean County Landfill in Bloomington.

The IEPA will conduct additional groundwater samples from monitoring wells located near or at the three landfills.

Samples will be collected four times a year for three years (2016-2018).

“Illinois is pleased to work with Senator Rose to demonstrate the benefits of cooperation for a common goal,” stated IEPA Director Lisa Bonnett in a prepared statement.  “Performing enhanced monitoring and sharing the data will ensure the long-term protection and health of this important sold source aquifer.

In recent years the Clinton Landfill had been under fire for trying to accept dangerous PCB’s.  An agreement was reached in 2015 with the operator of the landfill and a coalition of local governments to keep all PCB’s out of the landfill.

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