Southern Illinois University Looking At Possible Layoffs


CARBONDALE----The state of Illinois continues to function without a state budget. That reality is forcing some hard choices for Southern Illinois University. The university is expecting to lay off several hundred employees.

The reason: Southern Illinois may lose $45 million in state budget in the budget for fiscal year 2017. University President Randy Dunn issued a report this week explaining how the university's three campuses would be affected if a proposal by Governor Bruce Rauner is enacted.

The governor is proposing a 20 percent reduction in state university funding as part of the budget. Dunn says more than 180 faculty and staff positions could get the ax in Carbondale; about 100 jobs could be cut at the School of Medicine in Springfield; and nearly 140 positions in Edwardsville.

A report by WSIU-FM outlined how the Carbondale campus would reorganize its academic structure. That means library hours would also be cut, student services reduced, and some sports eliminated.

Dunn says further cuts would be made if a state budget is not passed until after the November election.

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