Neighbors Burned Up Over Fire Training

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Shelbyville – A Shelbyville homeowner is hot over a planned fire training that will burn down a house about 90 feet from her front door.

“I’m really worried,” Dawn Schwind told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I just don’t think that something 90 feet from my own property should be burned.”

The Shelbyville Fire Department plans to burn the empty house Saturday morning.  It’s part of a training exercise that will also include fire departments from Tower Hill, Findley and Windsor.

Schwind has been fighting the house burning for nearly a year.  She only received notice earlier this week that the training would take place this weekend.

Sean Kohl lives across the street.  He’s concerned about smoke if winds shift.  He points to a garage about 20 feet from the house which could cause problems if it catches fire.

“The garage is filled with asbestos,” Kohl said.  “If that catches on fire I’m living in asbestos for the next couple of months and I’m not happy about that.”

The Shelbyville Fire Department acknowledges it is aware of the objections to burning the house.  But they told WAND News they will go ahead with it anyway because, “It’s not everyday someone gives us a house to practice on.”

The training is scheduled to begin at about 8:30am Saturday.

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