Lawmakers and Law Enforcement Fighting Growing Synthetic Drug Problem Together


Springfield - Synthetic drugs are a growing problem online and in central Illinois.

You've probably seen the videos on Youtube or other social media sites.

They come with a warning about the dangers of taking synthetic marijuana, or other drugs like bath salts, and show a person who has used the drug and the frightening aftermath.

"I can honestly say this is probably one of the most dangerous, and I believe one of the most addicting drugs that we've come upon," said Christian County sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp.

Kettelkamp said that the use of synthetic drugs is on the rise in his county and around the state.

"When people are on high on this they get very paranoid and they have supernatural strength they feel like," he added.

Looking to help police take this on at the Capitol is state representative Avery Bourne (R-Litchfield).

"Families are hurting from it.  It's ruining individuals lives, but it also really effects the community," said Bourne.

She added that the companies making the drugs change the chemical compound each year to avoid breaking the law and that's why the state has to do an all-encompassing measure to fight it.

"How do we work legislative to make sure that we are putting these drug dealers in prison and allowing for the appropriate resources for those who are suffering from this addiction," she asked.

Kettelkamp added, "we need that catch-all bill where it can say that if it's a molecule similar to what is in the original drug that would be able to charge them."

Bourne said that the measure has bi-partisan support, but has not yet been assigned to a committee.

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