Candidates sweep through central Illinois ahead of primary election

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS – You've heard from them a lot. You're about to hear from them more. We're talking about the presidential candidates.

A number of candidates are making a final push for votes in central Illinois just days before the primary election.

We heard from Bernie Sanders Saturday in Champaign. We heard from Donald Trump Sunday in Bloomington. We'll hear from Hillary Clinton in Springfield today and Ted Cruz in Springfield and Decatur.

During Sunday's rally in Bloomington, Republican candidate Donald Trump called up a man up on stage who was a legal immigrant, read poetry, and stuck around to greet supporters afterward.

"It brings an energy to this campaign and this country," one supporter told WAND News. "I'm so excited to see Trump today."

It was Trump’s first event back in the state since Friday. Trump canceled that event out of concern for supporters and protesters.

Meantime, thousands of people lined up to see Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders Saturday at the University of Illinois.

“It’s my youthful exuberance,” Bernie Sanders told WAND’s Eric Steltzer with a smile.

“I think among college students there is a sense of idealism. We can address climate change and transform our energy system. We can deal with institutional racism,” he said.

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be in Springfield Monday to participate in a town hall meeting hosted by MSNBC.

The Cruz campaign says the Texas senator will hold rallies Monday in Rockford, Glen Ellyn, Peoria, Decatur and Springfield.

Trump and Clinton currently lead polls in Illinois.

The Illinois primary election is Tuesday.

182 delegates are stake in the Democratic primary race in Illinois, while the Republican Primary will award 69.

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