IEPA issues statement on Chatham's drinking water

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CHATHAM - The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has issued a release stating that routine sampling of Chatham's drinking water has shown that it has shown no instances of violating the state's drinking water standards.

IEPA officials say they have received several questions from concerned residents about the water quality in Chatham.  As a result, the IEPA requested the the South Sangamon Water Commission conduct a Comprehensive Performance Evaluation to address the concerns.

Chatham Mayor Tom Gray says he hopes the IEPA's involvement will put residents' concerns about their drinking water to rest.  "Through all of the tests of the Village's drinking water, there has been no indication that the drinking water within the Village is unsafe or contains lead," said Gray.

The IEPA also says that it is satisfied with changes made to the chlorination process approximately one year ago, and that the agency is committed to assisting Chatham and its residents.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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