Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Visits Springfield


Springfield - During Monday's stop in Springfield, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joked with MSNBC's Chris Matthews that she hadn't been to the capital city since fifth grade.

However, her visit felt like a homecoming for some as they made the trip from Chicago to the Old State Capitol to hear her speech.

For others though, it was a chance to see what the Democratic candidate has to offer in an election full of choices.

"Really just hear to list and to support her.  I want somebody that's going to lead this country in the right way," said James Johnson of Springfield.

Connie Kennedy of Springfield added, "I just think she's very diplomatic and she's got experience."

For others, Monday's stop in Springfield wasn't as positive.

"I may have other problems with Secretary Clinton and I would not have been a supporter of hers at any time," said Brian Wayda.

Ahead of Tuesday's primary, some voters who saw Hillary Clinton speak said that it was time the country elected a woman to the presidency.  They believed that would truly be a different direction for the country.

"Women follow through and put stuff into play and we make it happen without a bunch of rhetoric," said Kennedy.

"I think it's about time for a woman to run this country.  Because we've had men run this country for the longest time and look at what mess we're in.  Other than Bill Clinton and our current president, Obama, other than them two, hey, it's time for a woman," added Johnson.

Clinton wasn't the only candidate to visit Springfield on Monday as Republican candidate Ted Cruz made a stop as well.

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