Cruz-ing Through Decatur


DECATUR- Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz brought out the crowds for a campaign pit stop at Decatur Conference Center and Hotel. 

Monday evening, the night before Illinois' Primary brought Senator Cruz on a trail throughout what he calls the "battleground" of Illinois. 

Cruz said, "we are making the case to the working men and women of this state to the working men and women of Decatur who are frustrated who are angry with Washington, who are angry with politicians frankly in both parties who keep lying to them and breaking their promises."

Hundreds gathered at the DCCH to hear his messages, one man even traveled from Missouri to take part in the rally. 

Drew Lierheimer said, " "I think Ted Cruz is the best guy to restore and defend the constitution we are supposed to have checks and balances in our government right now we have a lot of as Ted puts it bi partisan corruption."

Cruz has been following close behind Trump in the polls, and has taken 9 states in other states Republican Primaries.

His major running topics include implementing a flat tax, abolishing the IRS, securing the border, 2nd Amendment rights and more. 

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