Turn Around, Don't Drown

Turn Around, Don't Drown

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Flood Safety Awareness Week runs from March 13-19. Flooding is the second leading cause of weather related fatalities in the United States, behind heat. On average, flooding claims the lives of 95 people each year. More than half of all flood related deaths are due to vehicles caught in high waters and then being swept downstream.

Many of these drownings are preventable if people simply don’t drive through flooded roads. Today’s tip is, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. People often underestimate the power of Mother Nature. A mere six inches of fast moving water can knock a person off their feet. Most vehicles begin to lose contact with the road in six inches of water. It only takes 12-18 inches of flowing water to push a car off the road.

For more information on flooding visit the National Weather Service website.

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