Attorney: Alleged Victim Recants Story, Says Jaylon Tate is Innocent


CHAMPAIGN -- In a new development in his domestic violence case, Jaylon Tate's attorney said the alleged victim is backing off her story.

Champaign police Sgt. Bruce Ramsmeyer said on early Saturday morning, a 19-year-old women, claiming to be Tate's girlfriend, told to police she was hit in the face by Tate, but declined to give any further information.

According to the report, Ramsmeyer said the officers could see the woman was spitting blood and had a swollen face.

Champaign Police arrested Tate Saturday morning on a charge of domestic battery.

Tom Bruno told WAND TV the alleged victim in the case has since told him that story was untrue.

Bruno said when he was retained to represent Tate, he reached out to the woman by email. In responses returned at about 11:30am and 11:30pm Saturday, Bruno said in each, she recanted her original statement, saying Tate was not involved.  Bruno said he has forwarded both emails to the Champaign Police Department and prosecutors office.

At his arraignment on Monday, Bruno said he was confident Tate would be cleared of the charges.

Tate was suspended indefinitely from the Illinois men's basketball team, pending the legal proceedings.

"It is important that we take time to fully understand the events of last evening before passing judgment," said Illinois head coach John Groce and athletic director Josh Whitman in a joint statement.

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