EIU Faculty considering $2 Million Pay Deferral Plan

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CHARLESTON – The faculty and academic support personnel of Eastern Illinois University are considering a deferral of over $2 million in salary to help administration meet payroll obligations.

According to Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Billy Hung, this consideration comes after rejection a pay cut proposal that he says “is not fair to the educators or to the campus.”

“Our members deserve a proposal that they can trust – something that helps EIU with the cash flow problem that Governor Rauner has forced upon us, while allowing us to do our job to educate and to protect our campus and community,” says President of EIU’s Chapter of University Professionals of Illinois (EIU-UPI), Dr. Jonathan Blitz.

EIU-UPI is the collective bargaining agent for the faculty and academic support professionals at Eastern Illinois University.

Hung, who also serves on the faculty development advisory committee, writes that in response to the membership’s “universally stated desire to contribute, and to their demand for a more equitable solution to the cash flow problem,” the UPI team is proposing the deferral plan that would faculty a better way of helping the university.

UPI members say this plan will raise slightly more than $2 million dollars for EIU, exceeding the amount requested by EIU President David Glassman, while also protecting vulnerable members.

According to a statement released by UPI, the faculty and academic support personnel will vote on this pay deferral plan, starting on March 21 and ending on March 22.

The recommendation for this pay deferral plan from UPI comes after the faculty and academic support personnel voted not to accept President Glassman’s proposed pay cut.

WAND News previously reported EIU made the decision to lay off 177 employees on March 12 as a result of the state budget impasse.

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