Banner Year For Illinois Corruption


Decatur – If you have lived in Illinois for any length of time you might think the state is corrupt.  A new study from the political science department at the University of Illinois – Chicago confirms that Illinois is the 3rd most corrupt state in the nation.

A new report entitled “2015 A Banner Year In Illinois Corruption” spells out dozens of cases of corruption, mostly in Chicago, throughout the year.  The authors indicate they did not have enough resources to survey every county in the state.

The biggest cases were political corruption:

  • Former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert of Illinois was indicted in May.He entered a guilty plea in the fall of evading bank reporting laws in a hush money scheme.
  • Congressman Aaron Schock of Peoria resigning from office in March 2015.He is currently the subject of an investigation by a federal grand jury in Springfield.
  • State Rep. Derrick Smith of Chicago sentenced to five months in prison for taking a $7,000 bribe.
  • State Rep. Connie Howard sentenced to 3 months for taking $28,000 from a charity for personal and political use.
  • Quinshaunta Golden sentenced to 8 years for her part in a $13 million grant fraud case.
  • State Rep. Keith Farnham sentenced to 96 months for a child pornography case.Farnham viewed porn on his state computers.

The report is 35 pages and reviews numerous other criminal and corruption cases in the state including police killings in Chicago. (Pictured: Former Congressman Dennis Hastert.)

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