Ballot Shortage Causes Problems in Springfield Tuesday


Springfield - Between polarizing candidates for president and a hotly contested state Senate race, people had plenty of reasons for voters to head to the polls in Springfield.

However, there was only one problem:  some polling stations were running out of voter ballots.

"I was told that in two precincts they did receive ballots, but within 20 minutes, they were out again.  The county clerk's office knew there was going to be an election today.  They knew potentially how many voters they were going to have today.  So there job was to be prepared," said Sangamon County Democratic chairwoman Doris Turner.

Turner said that attempts to contact the Sangamon County clerk about the matter went unanswered for hours.

Voters were frustrated that they were unable to cast their ballot.

"It drove me crazy because the people at the polling place said they called at 3:30pm and they didn't get any results and that they kept trying to call and nobody answered.  I don't understand that," said Ronald Goldman.

"People had to leave.  Some people had to go to work.  Some people had health conditions and were unable to stay and they made the effort to come out.  I think it robbed them of their opportunity to vote," said election judge Charnell Freeman.
Freeman said that many election judges felt that same frustration.

"You need to be able to vote for the candidate that you want to and some people weren't given that opportunity today," she added.

WAND did put calls into the county clerk's office repeatedly Tuesday, however, the line was continuously busy.

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