Voters Concerned With County's Handling of Ballot Shortage


Springfield - People put a lot of pride in being able to vote, and thinking that their vote counts for something, but on Tuesday, in Sangamon County for a few hours, some people weren't able to participate in the voting process.

In at least 10 voting precincts in Springfield polling stations ran out of ballots.
They ran out of ballots for Democrat and Republican voters.
Election judges at some sites reported that a number of voters who had to work Tuesday night tried voting earlier in the day only to not be able to.
Voters, election judges, and county leaders alike were upset with how the county clerk's office handled the situation.

"This is a significant problem because, as you know, the right to vote is one that nobody takes lightly.  Chairman Gray really needs to tell us what he's going to do to rectify this problem today and how we move forward so that it doesn't happen again," said Sangamon County Democratic chairwoman Doris Turner.

Election judge Charnell Freeman added, "People had to leave.  Some people had to go to work.  Some people had health conditions and were unable to stay and they made the effort to come out.  I think it robbed them of their opportunity to vote."

"It drove me crazy because the people at the polling place said they called at 3:30pm and they didn't get any results and that they kept trying to call and nobody answered.  I don't understand that," said Ronald Goldman, a concerned voter.

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