Christian County authorities warn of phone scam

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CHRISTIAN COUNTY - The Christian County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a new phone scam making its way through the area.

Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says this scam involves citizens receiving a call from someone claiming that the citizen missed jury duty, and that the citizen must pay a fine, or that an arrest warrant has been issued.  Individuals making these calls are using the names of Judge Brad Paisley, State's Attorney Hike Havera, and Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp.

Kettelkamp says these calls are scams.  If a citizen were to miss jury duty, that person would receive a call from the State's Attorney's Office or the Sheriff's Office instructing them to come to the courthouse for jury duty.  Kettelkamp also says those offices do not call to inform people that they have an arrest warrant.

If you receive a call resembling the scam described above, you are urged to hang up and not give out any personal information.

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