Trump, Clinton solidify delegate leads

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And then, there were three.

Republican Donald Trump solidified his status as the front-runner Tuesday night, notching key victories in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. He remains ahead in Missouri 40.8% to 40.6% for Ted Cruz.

It was a dismal night for Marco Rubio, who lost his home state by a landslide 45.7% - 27%. He lost in every county except for Miami-Dade, where he resides.

“While we are on the right side, we are not on the winning side,” he said. Rubio suspended his presidential campaign leaving Trump, Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich as the lone survivors in the once crowded Republican field.

Kasich won handily in his home state of Ohio, earning all 66 delegates the state has to offer.

The delegate count remains in Trump’s favor. He needs 1,237 to win the nomination outright and so far has more than half (661) of the number necessary. Cruz is in second place with 406.

On the Democratic side, it was a huge night for Hillary Clinton. She won four states, including Illinois, and is ahead in Missouri 49.6% - 49.4%. Including superdelegates, Clinton has a commanding lead over rival Bernie Sanders, 1,599 – 844. 2,383 delegates are needed to clinch the Democratic nomination.

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