GOP Lawmakers Demand House Return To Work


Decatur – Central Illinois Republican lawmakers are calling on the Illinois House to end a month long break in the midst of the ongoing budget crisis.

State Representatives Bill Mitchell, Avery Bourne and C.D. Davidsmeyer met in Decatur Wednesday to call on Democratic leaders to call the General Assembly back into session.  The body is not scheduled to return until April.  The state has been operating without a budget since last July.

“We are nine months into Fiscal Year 2016 without a budget and the House has only been in session nine days the entire year.  What are we doing?  Speaker Madigan needs to end this month long break and get back to work,” said Mitchell, (R) Forsyth.

Davidsmeyer, a Jacksonville Republican, called the ‘spring break’ a complete “dereliction of duty.” 

“It is time to stop playing political games with the future of Illinois and pass a balanced bipartisan budget,” stated Bourne, (R) Raymond.

While the House has been out the Illinois Senate has been in session during the month of March.

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