Family Begins Recovery After Tornado Destroys Home


New Berlin - Dark skies, bright lightning, and powerful winds that were storm capable of major damage is what one neighborhood in New Berlin survived Tuesday night.

"It just got louder and louder and more rumbling, and all of a sudden it hit me, it was not just wind," said Larry Hardy, who saw the storm roll through his neighborhood.

Hardy recalled the tornado that destroyed his neighbor's home and the moment they came to him for help.

"I went to go to the basement and all of a sudden I heard somebody calling my name.  And john and his wife and baby and their dog were sheltered by my grill.  And so we got them in the house.  Got everybody to the basement.  There was a lot of rumbling and the house was shaking and then it was just quiet.  I guess the way it all came down we were speechless," he added.

Amid the rubble of the home, piles of memories caught on camera, along with collectors items with personal and financial value.  Hardy said that those are hings that can be replaced and will serve as reminders of how lucky one family was to survive a tornado strike.

"I have some damage.  The air conditioner is damaged.  The soffits are damaged.  But it could have been so much worse," said Hardy.

While they declined to speak on camera the homeowners said that they were grateful for the help of their neighbors following the storm and helping start the cleanup process.

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